TVGuide About Charmed’s Seasonfinale

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Question: Is Shannen Doherty going to come back for the series finale of Charmed? — Ally

Ausiello: I have it on good authority that she will be back… once hell freezes over. “There’s no shot [of her returning],” insists executive producer Brad Kern. “I just don’t think… [Hesitating] I just… [Nervous laughter]… in the abstract, it would be fabulous to try to get Shannen back for the last episode, but it just doesn’t seem — for a lot of reasons — that it’s something that we could ever pursue.”
Question: Who will be returning for the last episode of Charmed? — Eve

Ausiello: In addition to Leo (Brian Krause), we’ll probably see future Wyatt (Wes Ramsey), future Chris (Drew Fuller) and Grams (Jennifer Rhodes).

Question: Will there be a Charmed spin-off? — Eve

Ausiello: “I don’t think so,” says Brad Kern. “It seems to me that the CW, rightfully, wants to chart a new path.”


Interview with Brad Kern

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this way:

It’s Oficiall

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At least more or less, a WB spokesman confirmed TVGuide’s rumors, so it’s sure 8×22 will be Charmed’s last ep – as sad as it may sound :,(

Well, guess this is how it ends, after 8 charming seasons…

No Season 9(?)

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Just found this on

The Charmed ones have officially cast their last spell. Multiple sources confirm that execs behind the new CW network have decided to pull the plug on the eight-year drama. The final episode will air Sunday, May 21. […] Executive producer Brad Kern […] says he always intended to write this season’s last episode as a series finale. “It’s been a hell of a run,” he says, “but all good things must come to an end.” Details of the final episode are being kept under wraps, but fan favorite Brian Krause will likely be back. And what about Shannen Doherty? Says my Charmed mole: “I wouldn’t count on it.”  :,(

8×16 “Engaged And Confused”

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I think we all agree that this was a great episode. 4.07 million people watched it, which might bring up some hope for having a 9th season.

Charmed will have a pause for about 4 weeks now, before we get a “straight go” for the last 6 episodes of season 8.

So far, still no oficiall word about season 9 (Alyssa and Rose have said a few things on interviews that their contracts are out, and that they are bored and that stuff, however they might change their mind, who knows…) so keep your fingers crossed!

Brad Kern Interview

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There is a new (very interessting) interview with Brad Kern. He talks about Charmed, the DVDs wether there’ll be a movie and a lot more.

Charmed Convention News

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There are rumors (not confirmed so far) that a few more guests (that have appeared on Charmed) will attend the Charmed Convention in Heathrow:

Neil Roberts (“Rex Buckland”)
Elisabeth Harnois (“Brooke” – 3×02)
Jesse Woodrow (“Glen” Paige’s boyfriend in season 4)
Jennifer Rhodes (“Grandma”)

Charmed DVD Extras

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Due to the tie-up of TheWB and UPN (Paramount Television and CBS), there are now other people in charge for the Charmed DVDs, which might result in having some extras on the DVDs 🙂

8×15 “The Last Temptation Of Christy”

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The ratings for this episode of Charmed were quite ok, 3.89 million viewers. 8×16 is the next ep, airing on Sunday this week, after that Charmed will have a pause again.

Charmed DVD Covers In USA

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The USA gets own covers for season 5:

Season 5 DVD Covers In USA

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