Long Time No See

Posted in Charmed,Offtopic,Season 9 by charmed on November 9, 2007

Hi there again… remember me?

Has been quite a while since my last post here – over one and a half years. And for that I want to apologize, but Real-Life has been quite demanding recently.

Anyways,  I am back now, and looking forward to writing new Posts again. 🙂

One more thing, since many of you are asking in the comments whether there will or won’t be a 9th season for Charmed: No there will be neither a 9th season, nor a spin-off of Charmed. 


2,5 Gigapixel Cam

Posted in Offtopic by charmed on January 29, 2006

Some guys in netherlands created a cam with – believe it or not – 2,5 Gigapixel (2,487,227,305 Pixel)


Hello Charmed Fans!

Posted in Offtopic by charmed on January 17, 2006


Just started this, Blog, so let me lose a few words what led me to this decision:

I’m (like a lot of you out there) Charmed Fan from the very first minute, and still conviced that this is a great show – one of the best!
Like most of you, I’m also worried that this could be Charmed’s last season, and like a lot other fans out there I really hope there’ll be a season 9. This show has gone really through a lot (budget has been cut multiple times, main cast has changed dramatically,…) but Chamed has managed it to make 8 full seasons, other (way more “successful”) shows obvioulsy haven’t. Charmed seems to have an extraordinary loyal fan community. Well if it gets canceled then there’s nothing I can do about it, but I think since we don’t wether it’ll be canceled or not we should enjoy every second. What moved me to open this blog was the wish to gather the fans out there and have them spend a few moments together – cause as mentioned, they may be the last ones left :,(

Well still nothing’s for sure yet, so make sure you’ve got your fingers crossed!