As nobody knows wether Charmed will be renewed for season 9, I thought it might not be a bad idea to spend the possibly – hopefuly however not – last few moments together. Charmed has very loyal fans and it would be a shame if it gets cancelled.

That’s what the original about page used to say. But time has passed, and it has been officially confirmed that season 8 is the last one. So naturally this blog needs a new mission statement.

After 8 charming seasons full of magic, exitement, tears and laughter, now that the show is over the question arises, what will happen to the Charmed community? Actors getting new contracts, writers focusing on new projects, fans carrying on the legacy entrusted to them through fan-fictions,… – This blog will focus on the developments arount those once involved and the ones still contributing to Charmed.


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  1. nicole said,

    when is season 5 & 6 comming out??

  2. lenina said,


    I’ve noticed that you haven’t posted on your blog in ages! Why have you stopped writing? Did you just get bored, or was it too much work? Is your blog dead for good, or are you going to continue to write? Please let me know 🙂 .

    Blog Liberation Front (

  3. charmed said,

    Well, I’m back again 🙂

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