Long Time No See

Posted in Charmed,Offtopic,Season 9 by charmed on November 9, 2007

Hi there again… remember me?

Has been quite a while since my last post here – over one and a half years. And for that I want to apologize, but Real-Life has been quite demanding recently.

Anyways,Β  I am back now, and looking forward to writing new Posts again. πŸ™‚

One more thing, since many of you are asking in the comments whether there will or won’t be a 9th season for Charmed: No there will be neither a 9th season, nor a spin-off of Charmed.Β 


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  1. keefer said,

    look i have liked charmed ever since it first came out and i would love it more that anything else in the whole world as would all of charmeds other fans if there was another season and i have always wanted to meet holly marie combs and you know i even cried when it stoped i just want you to know that i want this more that anything

    • Aleyna said,

      I agree and I would just love to meet you guys. All of you!(: Im 13 and just love the show I cried too!:/

    • kaya said,

      same:(! i acc love charmed,i have seen every single episode&i was so upset when it stopped:(! i really wish there was a new season or something coming out:/x

  2. kerry said,

    i really like charmed and have since it first started i cant believe theres not going to be a ninth season that is so unfair, becuase there was rumers that prue was coming back, that is soo unfair becuase i really liked her ,she was such a good actress and i really want to see pheobe. piper and paige all back together again as the charmed one’s i really hope the ninth season starts, especially as charmed is my favoruite nail bitting tv series it always leaves me thinking at the end of each episode what is going to happen next and whos life is next going to be on the line. i really want it tooo come back please please please holy marie combs is my favourite actress and i would love to meet her but becuase i can’t i can only watch her on charmed and now i cant if you stop it sooo please dont !!!

    thankyou i just wanted to share my thoughts with you.

  3. Jadiie said,

    ive watched all my charmed dvd, read books, got loads of stuff with charmed on it, soo is there really gonna be a season 9, is there is, i cant wait to watch it
    many thank

    • kaya said,

      ive got all the charmed on a boxset&i love watching them i really hope they put out series 9:(!x

  4. Cathy said,

    I have been a fan of Charmed for a long long time and have recently got my 2 sons interested in it and they are both now BIG fans of the programme and have been watching all the series on sky (3 episodes a day!!) some of which have been showing on Living and season 8 is on the Trouble channel at the moment with the final episode showing next Wednesday (16 Jan 08) they are going to be devestated as I am that there is not a season 9!!! What am I going to tell them!!!!!! HELP we NEED a season 9 !!!!!!!

  5. christabel said,

    ok i may not be a huge fan of charmed but i would watch as many episodes as i could and i think you she mack another season 9 well i heard your not but ya should may be not the whole world well watch it i mean i think u should mack a new one cause the 8th may have shown u what append to them and that and u may have singed contracts but i somehow got on to this page and it had scripts and photos of season 9 so i am really confused cause you said your not having a 9th season and there are photos and scripts somehow done well the scipts i get but the photos no clue so answer me this are you having a season but you don’t want people to find out so that you can call it something else or something i don’t know all i know there is photos on this site which i cant remember which makes me think it is a dream but no case i think i was so excited i pinch my self so it isn’t ok i sound really weird oh i don’t care i wont to now if you have a season 9 or not cause i am getting frustrated that things say u are and thing say YOU ARE NOT SAY please tell me.!!!!!

  6. ashley said,

    i LOVE charmed and i will so love it if there is a season 9, i always believed in magic but never really knew it excisted intill charmed,i know i know the magic is not really real but it still keeps me believing and keeps life on the edge, i really want a season 9 please bring it back I LOVE CHARMED FOREVER!!!!!!

  7. charmely said,

    hi what are u saying there a billions of pittions that people want charmed back this is what i think

    cole should come back and get reunited with pheobe and they would love to come backno matter what so make this possible season 9!!!!!!!!!!!! and even 10 11 12….16…20…. so talk to ur people we want charmed back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Katie said,

    I’m sorry to burst your bubbles but there isn’t going to be a season 9. It’s obvious by the way they finished the episode of Forever Charmed and referred to it several times as ‘The SERIES Finale and not the Season Finale’. And if there was a season 9 it would have premiered in the fall of 06.

    Besides, Charmed only got worse after Season 4. They would only ruin it even more with more characters like Billie. RIP Charmed. You were (and still are) my favorite show, but you were best in the older seasons.

  9. stacey said,

    I love Charmed and it would be great if you could do just one last spin-off season with billie christie and chris and wyatt.
    i love chris and would love to meet him ( i know its not gonna happen so i would love to see him on tv).

  10. Jennifer said,

    I’ve been in love with Charmed since I saw the first episode I cry when they would cry show show Gave me hope that I could do anything that I put my mind to and It would do that for many other women as well Many people are fans and love the show and if we all could we would talk face to face with the cast Piper and phoebe we all know this show Never really Dies its gonna be around forever to young and old generations I would love to Meet Holly Maire combs and Alyssa milano They are my favorites I have all the seasons on Dvd and starting to get the books but its not the same we only know bits and pieces of the charmed future we don’t get to see piper and Leo Actually Live a happy life with out demons and how coop and phoebe turn out theres so many things to still Keep this going and we know that the cast has the talent to keep this great you have MANY FANS why stop? Please do what you can to help us fans get another season or 2 we all follow it

  11. Rachel said,

    A can’t believe that their isn’t gonna be another aeries of Charmed !! i love Charmed it’s the best show on t.v .. i have seen every single episode an i still cry at the last one !! it would be fantastic if another series came out it would totally make my day πŸ™‚
    Charmed is just so great and in the last series they brought in loads of new character’s an we didn’t really get to know them that well and we never got to se Leo & Piper live their great life , or Pheobe finally get the child she has been wantin for year’s !! Plz plz plz plz bring out another series it would make so many people happy !!

  12. tami.lyons said,

    iLOVE charmed soo much…i thought that season 9 was comin out……i heard that prue is comin back and its not the power of 3 any more its the power of 5….piper,pheobe,prue,paige and that girl that tried out 4 pheobes part…..thank god she never…pheobe is wayyy better….and priter….any way…seeya

  13. dylan.lyons said,

    i love charmed…..i think alyssa is hot….and holly,prue not paige shes ugly sometimes…alyssa is the best

  14. dylan.lyons said,

    1 thing i am pissed of with is i think cole and pheobe should of stayed together…..he is soo mad and hot…but i like coop better…..
    from tami.lyons and dylan.lyons

  15. I love charmed it is the Beast i carnt what till the new one thank you xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

  16. brittany said,

    charmed cant be finished whats the point of life without charmed whoever stopped putting charmed on are gay dont bother putting good shows on if you dont leave them on for ever im dissapointed

  17. brittany said,


  18. Caolan Flynn said,

    The Crew sould make another Charmed Season 9 in 2009 where the sisters are more powerful and they travel back in time to meet Prue there dead sister if Shannon Dorherty wants to come back or not ? I don’t Know then it would make it the powe of four back together coolllllllllllllllllll??? the sisters then would die for the next Generation of NEW WITCHES ? It would be an very good year for the Halliwell sisters If they want to come back or not <<<<<<<<?

  19. Darren McGregor said,

    I have since saw an episode in june this year , got all the seasaons from 1-9 and in 5 months have watched them all , gutted that there aint gonna be a season 9 , surely they could do something i would say they have ,, wyatt chris billie they could then bring on n take storys from there ! it was last night i watched the final episode and cud not beleive that was last one …..Very Very Sad !!

  20. Alma said,

    we need charmed spin off,Shannen need to come back.She made charmed.I love Shannen.

  21. Jessica said,

    Hi im jessica I think there should be a season 9 and10 because i have alrady seen all 8 seasons and i think prue should come back and piper stay to (holly) shhe is one of my favorates and so is shannon And i think paige (rose) and pheobe (alissa) They are all pretty cool to me ev en there kids Whatt and chris and every kid on there

    P.S. Please dont just stop at 8 seasons go one there all awsome stories
    and that is the truth and never give up

    sencerly,jessica Q

  22. charm lover said,

    I love charmed i saw every single one 4 times or more….charmed is the kind of show that when u turn to it you wanna turn because you saw it already but you can’t because each time is your just as excited the frist time you watched it…..but you should really do a couple of season with the kids wyatt and chris like have pheobe ,paige, and piper (sorry i know they names but i have bad spelling) com back for one last one and have them die at that the begining and than wyatt and chris could take over

  23. Georgia said,

    put it back on TV!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! its like tha best show that anyone has ever created i mean OMG tha chicks are hot they know how to kick ass on occasion so why not make another season. i heard that prue is coming back which wud be intresting and wyatt and chris need a chance to take over. and all the other kids. it wud be super awesome if their was another season .

  24. jeanette said,

    hii, i think this is complete crap that there will be no season 9, the show was great Amazing if i have to say, you would make a lot of people happy by having a season 9 and possibly a season 10, the writes for this show are amazing and could still wright a fanstic new season
    please think about it πŸ˜€ and make a new season! PLEASE

  25. Darbi said,

    I agree with many that Charmed has been there for what seems like ever. I have seen that there are postings of charmed season 9 in youtube and many others places though every one says there isn’t…I along with many charmed fans would love to be able to have another and know that Prue truly wasn’t as gone from the Charmed ones lives as they thought even more when i saw a clip though fan made about Prue seeing Paige and vice versa…if need me maybe someday all charmed fans will get together and make a huge petition to continue…I hope that was was said about them getting bored with the series was not true because turthfully i honestly couldn’t picture anyone else playing thier parts at all and they did a wonderful job doing it….(i’m also not saying that for the sake I mean it) hoping for season 9 πŸ˜€

    • kerry said,

      i no wot u mean im devode now

    • nessanne said,

      when my daughter and i saw the posts of charmed season 9 on youtube we were sooo excited but when then found out that it’s not going to happen we were no are very dispointed! If there is ever going to be a petition for a season 9, we will sign it. We love charmed

  26. craig copeland said,

    i think it is gay tht there will be no 9 season coz charmed is brill they should make a spin of or at least a film

  27. md said,

    Is there any hope of having a spin off of charmed or a 9th season I think you would get lots of publicity I know tones of people who still watch the old episodes including me. It was a great show.


    To any charmed charactor!
    I love charmed like no other show anyone could ever make!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I bought all theseasons as soon as it came out! i watch each one about 20 times!
    All these people that have commented LOVE the show and soooo and many more poeple that dont know about this site!
    Soooooo PLEASE for obsessors like me, DO A SEASON NINE! Or a spin off! PLEASE!!!!

  29. Ruth said,

    OMG i am so sad that there wont be a season 9. I could watch each episode from every series over and over and wouldn’t get bored. It would be gr8t if there was a film coz its brill overall.

  30. kasey said,

    Im 13 and have loved charmed since i can remember and all i want is a last season.Im watching it right now at this very minute, i would be devastated if it stops now 😦

  31. jamie said,

    why well there be not a season 9 and 10 and 11 why it is the best tv show ever made i love charmed

  32. kerry said,

    please please please bring charmed back you can show all the casts kids in charmed and prue can be there whitelighter and thats how they all re-unite so please please please bring charmed season 9 back im only 12 but im mature and ont ignore this comment jst because of my age

  33. Natalie said,

    i would just like to know whats acturly going in with this whole season 9 thing dats going on. is any of it true? ive heard so many storys about how its all guna happen and the whole power of 5 thing with another sister and back from the dead whitelighter prue back on the scene. how has all this come about if none of it is true?
    please answer my question its really bugging me.
    thank you very much.

  34. ashley said,

    listen i love charmed and so do all the other fans, but if the fans want to more then the producers need to do a few more seasons. with the whole cast including Paige and Shannen, their all cool, so othe producters need to make more season please.

  35. Libby said,

    Uh, I don’t mean to be mean or anything but everyone here is going on about how much they love charmed to the point that most of the comments at the end and particularily one by a girl named Stacey are very stupid and repetitive. There is nothing I would like more than to see a ninth season but the idea of a spin off series by the girl Stacey.

    She suggested that the spin off would include more of Billie, Christie, Wyatt & Chris. I think the idea of a spin off with the younger generation with the cousins would be cool but no ofense CHRISTIE is dead. She was killed. It’s that simple.

    Also some poor guy named David James Brogan said thanks and I can’t wait till it comes out. That poor guy just read the comments above and not the actual question. He thinks that there actually is a ninth season.

    Some others seem to be begging for there to be another season however as much as I would like for there to be another season I like how it ended. I have watched so many shows where they just left a cliff hanger ending where they didnt even bother to finish the season.

    That pissed me off emensely so please, if they do take the time to make another season I hope they do finish it. Charmed was a brilliant show one of my favorites and if there is another season then great but if there isn’t then its still my favorites.

    I do not mean to be bossy or seem like a smart ass as I am only 13 and I admit I don’t know everything. But I took the time to read all of that so I think I have the right to my opinion like everyone else here. Thank you.

  36. Kristina said,

    I’m sorry can you tell me something aboout 9th season, is it shooted or it will be shooted???

  37. Veronica said,

    I’m a huge charmed fan, and I’m so sad there isn’t another season. If we want the show to air once again we gotta do something about it and not sit around and complain. I believe season 9 should have pheobe, paige, piper, prue, and cole. Pheobe should not be with coop but with cole. There shouuld be more action, drama, suspense, ect.

  38. connor hepburn said,

    right im twelve years old and me and my mum did a charmed marathon we watched every eposoid for season 1 to season eight and i said they should make a nother couple of season and i have some realy good idears for it but if u could get back to me on it ,it would be great if they made more season like they could use the kids as a new group of charmed and have it as they are all teenagers and evil is building and getting stronger than ever before and only the one group of charmed can deaft it and destroy evil for good but if they do the slitest thing wrong the hole univers could expload and in which a paralel univers is made where evil runs everything and the only way to put it back to normak is to wipe out every demon that lives and has power but doing so letting the holicost out in which there is no privail and the whole univers is destroyed for good in one explosion

  39. connor hepburn said,

    my email is

  40. terri said,

    we want charmed back its the most amazing show ever it should never have been stopped an there is always room for another series or 2 as we never saw piper get leo back or if the charmed ones survived the big fight ect an no one knows about whyett if he ended up good or evil so please bring back charmed im 23yrs old and addicted to it i have all eight seasons but want more please dont dissapoint the hundreds of thounands of fans out there

  41. eduardo said,

    i am also very happy to see the ending but we viewers are so amaze and astonished by the making of charmed…so hopefully that someday their would be a season 9 of charmed we in white and chris grow up and how they fight the bad guys and so the story of the halliwell sisters as well….GODLUCK CHARMED CAST and hope to see more of your shows in charmed and be able to see you in wiil be glad that would happen..actually i bought 8 complete copies of charmed seasons…..GODBLESS ALL AND GODLUCK!!!!

  42. lisa harman said,

    hi, apparantly there is a new charmed spin off have been told by lots of people that is has aired, i’m just looking for it now, apparantly pru and andy are in it, piper and leo have 5 kids wyatt and cris do most the magic?

    • jenny said,

      that was on youtube there is no season nine in dvd only in comic form sorry

  43. Madison said,

    I love Charmed with all my heart. I would love if there would be more seasons, I cant stop watch my DVD box with all seasons, ive watched them so many times and i never get bored!! the seasons just got better and better… would be awesome if new seasons came out with their kids and everything!!!


  44. Candace said,

    Charmed is and always will be my favorite tv was sad when they ended it.but i could see why they did. I wish they would do another season. actually they should make a movie….with Piper, Paige,Phoebe and Prue. Bring their mom and their grams too.i think the best seasons were 1-3..although there was some great episodes later.

    • Afi BELLILLE said,


  45. Afi BELLILLE said,

    it really is the best tv show by far, gosh it would really be great if they could continue charmed, with all the actors, i miss it so much, prue,piper,phoebe and paige we love u guys and miss u!!!

  46. sierra said,


  47. Makka said,

    That sucks. I love Charmed!!! Why won’t you guys make another series. Even with the kids. Eg Chris and Wyatt

  48. angela said,

    I’m really upset there’s no new season. :/ even till this day i wake up getting my child ready for school while watching my fav. show ((Charmed)) … its what i look forward to seeing every morning lol. I love all the actors they are great at what they do and I’d hope they’d see how many fans they really have and hope they will realize how many ppl their letting down 😦 … the show is just amazing nd inspiring to many. Don’t let ur fans down !!!!!! Bring a new show if u have to starring the new charmed generation … but still peeps from their pasts like you’ve already know how to do… ughhhh plzz :))

  49. chavez said,

    New season !!!!!!!!!!!! The show is awesome and very inspirational to me and others. its heartbreaking to know you won’t give us something to look forward to. if the cast and director even care about us they should put an answer for all of us that we would obviously want to hear. !!!! NEW SEASON!!!!!!

  50. shirlie said,

    I love this program just a pitty they don’t make more charmed

  51. Amy said,

    I love Charmed and I no there’s not going to be another one its just now I would really love to meet Hollie Marie Combs & Brian Krause also the rest I love piper so much I am watching the DVD’s now I’m on season 7 and nearly at 8 x I don’t mind charmed not being on but now it would be my dream to meet the whole cast x

    • shirlie said,

      Was just wondering where can i get the dvd

  52. Christina rubis said,

    I absolutely LOVE the show charmed I have watched every episode 4 times. Is there any way possible that there will be an other season I would love that. Is there anything I can do to help get it back for a season 9 or10. Or can y’all continue the story with there kids and you could call it always charmed but bring in different creatures like bad witches and other magical creatures.

  53. Mary Kate said,

    Please let there be a season 9 I love charmed it is my life and I am 11 please do another charmed if not please let me meet piper phoebe Paige and prue I have watched charmed from the first episode I know every thing about it ask me any question and I will answer within a week thank you mk

  54. Cory said,

    I really do think there should be a season 9 of charmed or a spin off. It was and still is a good show, I loved watching it and still do. Theres still so much you dont know about the show? You laft us wondering about a couple things.

  55. Lanija Bruce said,

    This made me so sad. I’m only the last two seasons. It can’t end. Omg 😩

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