Yet Another Brad Kern Interview

Posted in Charmed,Season 9 by charmed on March 17, 2006

There’s a new interview with Brad Kern (over at about Charmed, mostly the same, old, boring stuff except this paragraph:

Do you think there might be a slim chance the CW network would consider a spin-off? Maybe using the grown up children, Wyatt and Chris?

Honestly, no.  What most of the fans probably don’t realize is that, last year, the show was all but dead. The new regime at the WB, in all of its wisdom, wanted a new direction if they were going to give it another year. They knew that Alyssa, Holly and Rose weren’t going to come back for a 9th season (no matter how much they got paid), so the network told me that the only way they’d pick the show up for an 8th season would be if I could come up with a way to build in characters that could potentially “spin off” for a 9th season. That’s how I came up with Billie and Christy, which convinced the network at the last minute to pick up the show.  Personally, I think both Kaley and Marnette have done an amazing job coming into an existing series and giving it new life; yet, at the same time, it fundamentally changed the show from what it started out to be.  But, that’s the business of television — do whatever you can to get picked up for another season. 


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  1. PhoebeFan said,

    hello,i think that they should bring back chris and cole to the show and so it ends with so good faces…even though we are in season 7 yet…i know many things about 8 season….i dont want the show to over…

  2. Sara said,

    I know you might think that charmed is the same old thing, but every body still loves it, and every charmed fan would be so sad if you ended the show, I have some ideas, What about Phoebe, She could have this baby girl that she has seen her premonitions, And since Leo is gonna die, then maybe Piper could find new love ? I really would love to see Phoebe getting her baby,
    Please dont end the show, its my favorite, I love it, and the actors, you can keep on making episodes cause a day with the charmed ones is never the same, trust me the show has more fans than you can imagine,

    • aliyah said,

      i am so with you…. i have seen every episode of charmed and i am obsessed with it…charmed is all i ever talk about and every one else gets annoyed but nomatter how many times i watch it i still lovee it and im only 14 so……….

      • samantha said,

        i love the show too ive seen every single episode and i wish there was a ninth season

    • Makayla said,

      Comment on this post about what you think of a 9th season for Charmed and please read this comment. Sorry for the length. I love charmed. I would really like them to make a 9th season. Do you guys think they should. I mean come on; it’s Charmed. An AWESOME show that probably A BUNCH of people would watch the 9th season. This post is late coming out. It’s about 8 – 9 years late, yet I’m a huge Charmed fan. I barely knew what Charmed was at the time, but I still loved the show. I was 5 or 6 at the time, so of course I was going to love it. I mean what little kid doesn’t like magic? How late this post is is about 8 – 9 years late. Even though it’s that late I think that a bunch of people will remember Charmed. Even if everyone doesn’t, A BUNCH of people would. I really want to see what everyone is like now and everything like that. It might be A LITTLE late but people will still remember. I know I definitely remember Charmed and I was young. I remember Charmed because of Netflix. Thank you very much

  3. From Iceland said,

    Please dont end the show…Please !!!

  4. Chrazi said,

    Charmed is charming – I can’t imagine what I will do with my Sunday nights if there is no charmed to look forward to. I feel some type of spin off would be fabulous — without Billie and Christy would be great. We (the fans) have watched Piper and Phoebe’s characters grow up on the show and although I was hesitant on how things would go when Prue left, I think you guys pulled off killing off one of the main characters – Paige has carried herself well. She never tried to replace Prue. From “Charmed Again” she was always her own person (sister). And with that – I feel the fantastic writers can come up with some way to save the essence of the show that we have all come to love. Thanks!

  5. Brooke said,

    I don’t want the show to end either! I’ve watched Charmed since it started and I couldn’t imagine Sunday’s without it. I don’t like the Christie or Billie characters and I hope they do not get their own show. If Charmed must come to an end, i hope it is a happy one with Leo returning and Phoebe finding love and maybe pregnant. as long as the loose ends are tied up and you leave the audience at a peace it would be great.

    • aliyah said,

      i dont agree i think they should have did nine years because the last episode did not tie up all the loose ends…….it just skips a whole 20 years or so and if anyone liikes it as much as i do then they would want to see what would happen with in the years

      • Makayla said,

        SAY LOUD GIRL! LOL Forget about 9 seasons, how about even more?!?! I think that the very last episode was VERY confusing. I’m sure a lot of people agree that! We want to know what happens to everyone. I know this is going to sound bad, but instead of ending with the old couple, how about ending it where the girls try to save Prue, but Shax comes back and .. don’t get me wrong when I say this, but what about if Leo stops Shax but can’t save Prue, Paige, Phoebe, or Piper? I mean it would make a lot more sense so that you know what happens and we all know that Leo is a hero. Not saying that would be the happiest ending, but hey, at least we know what happens to them. Do you guys agree? Not saying it would be the best, but at least it wouldn’t be as confusing. Am I right a little bit? we would know what happens to them and that wouldn’t have to be the season 9 finale it could 10, 11, 12, or even more? Do you guys agree with that?

  6. Katherine said,

    Its seems sad that charmed is ending too we only have a few episodes left!

    First Buffy and Angel and now this…

    The show is sooo fab. I wish it would never end, i personally not like the christy and billie characters, the charmed ones are meant to be the most powerful witches it would be nice for them to stay that way.

    A spin-off is an excellent idea though who knows maybe the charmed ones can make guest appearences 😀

    Anyway g2g bubi

  7. leeann said,

    I have watxched all the charmed seasons and some of them more then once. I love it, the show is just fantastic and so are all the charactors. I can totally understand why the actresses wouldn’t want to come back for a 9th season they have been doing it for years and now they want to do other things in their careers which I wish them all the luck in the woruld with. But as for making a spin off using the charactors of Billie and Christy I think it would be a grate idea as the show is such a big hit and their must be so many story lines witch the writer can take with Billie and Christy carrying on from where the Charmed ones leftoff. The one thing I would really like to see at the end of this season is that phobe gets her baby and that the charmed ones and Billie and Christy all come together to fight aginst the tryadd but then the charmed ones hand the job over to the two girls. Say they get a visit from the angle of desterney again like befor giving them the oppertuinity to give it all up but this time they actually do and so they go back to living normal lives with their kids and Billie and Christy take over. I wouldn’t want to see the charmed ones being killed off by Billie or Christy as me and other fans are really attached to the charmed ones and if their killed then the fans me included wouldn’t want to watch a 9th season knowing that the girls killed the Charmed ones.

  8. Ryan said,

    I do not know how it can be done but i would like nothing more than to just have more seasons of charmed

    i would personally like to see the4 future of chamred with chris and wyatt since the women had their yrs and chris and wyatt had only so much in the show and you can see things that we have wanted to see that were explained in these 8 seasons but were not shown like the war due to the titans and and things that can put the show perfectly together

    there must be someway… if i had the money to keep the show going i would do it

    i only wish i had a way to do it.

    Please Please Please keep the show going !!!!!!!!

    • Samantha said,

      I think they should make another season about wytt and chris fighting demons

  9. Mary said,

    In all honesty, I think they should have a season nine. I have talked with several of my friends and they all think the same thing. The final episode on sunday was amazing. Yet it was really sad and it really made me think about what could potentially happen for the future of the tv show charmed. As well as for me and several others we are really hoping that they will come out with a season nine because we just don’t want the drama to end. Me and several of my friends watch this show. I even know of some guys that watch this show. It’s an amazing show and it would very tragic if it finally came to and end. Also I dont think that it would be that bad if they had the charmed ones and leo, coop, and everyone else come back and be in their older forms and have their children take over. I mean yes it might now be the same, but atleast pheobe, piper, and paige would still be there. Only a little bit older. I think that would make an exellenct spin off, but who knows. I guess we will just have to wait and find out.

  10. Diana said,

    I honestly think that a spin off featuring Wes Ramsey as Wyatt and Drew Fuller as Chris would work and would have potential. It would be a great show. Something completely new and yet familiar. It was possible when season 6 was on, but Brad Kern preferred doing something else, which flopped. So why isn’t it possible now?
    A spin off about the sons in their future, fighting evil wherever it shows. Not just demons, but everything else. There is so much out there, so many stories to tell and mysteries to solve, which the sisters haven’t even touched.
    Yes, the show was more dead than alive with season 7, but that’s thanks to Brad Kern and his staff of writers, because the plots they were building were crappy and made no sense. Instead of tieing up loose ends, like promised, he came with a complete different story. He built up the Avatars as so mighty and powerful people and then they can be ‘talked’ out of their plan? And Zankou – the oh-so-smart-powerful-and-evil-woohoo-demon, he went poof with nothing but a plop? I’ve expected more and not just me. And then, struggling for another season, he comes up with the great plan of bringing Billie in. I’ve never seen a character in my life that has been hated by so many people around the world.

    Charmed died because of Brad Kern and his staff of writers. And if there won’t be a spin off, then we know darn well, who to thank for. You messed it up and brought a great show to an end.

    A spin off about the sons from Piper and Leo would bring money, audience and a lot of merchandise. Because it would be build on familiar characters, but which are still new and unknown. Easy on the looks and great actors too. And the funny thing is – both actors would do it. Both have expressed interest. But since when does the business what the fans want? Boy, they could make some money, but we don’t want that, right? In case you haven’t noticed – that’s called sarcasm.

  11. Agnes said,

    Fans don’t realize a dead show when it has a lot of life left in it. I’ll miss it! As for a spin off with Chris and Wyatt…It’s amazing someone would mention it. I imagined that same synopsis, and with Phoebe’s daughter also journing them to form a new power of three. In the end, Charmed will live forever.

  12. BigFan said,

    Í`m a really big Fan from the Charmed Seasons and come from Germany, so my english is not Good like Yours ! But what I really have to say, that I`m really worry about the Ending of Charmed Seasons and I`m an 24 Years old woman! I know a lot of Charmed Sides at the german web and more Charmed Fans who are old like me or older! I think the target group are more People with my age group as childreen! For simple I am an Mother of a little Child and she go at half past 7 at evening to bed and after I have time for myself! At this time I was watched Charmed not rare! Because I`ve got much Seasons on DVD at home, so I watched Charmed more than at TV ! But it will be for longer time much boring and so I`m really worry that this is over now after the 9th Season! This Serie was a true masterpiece it will be never again like this after Charmed! Not just the Jokes was funny, also the aktion was everytime intresting! Also the Family Chip, the holding together and the Magic was very fine done ! Also without the Charmed- ones Alyssa Milano, Holly Marie Combs and Rose McGowan would this serie never be the same as before and it would be certain not have good Quotes ! I think the 7 th season was till now the best from begin ! Rose McGowan I think was a better Actor as Shannen Doherthy !

    Really, you made with the massage, that Charmed will be over very much Fans sad and for me is not just the Show gone, also my only Hobby !
    The Girls gave me more than the most really People and I would like to say you, that I`m not the only at Germany, there are thousenth People who feel like me! If you don`t belive me, look at Google and write Charmed! There can you see how much People are Fans and wound give up, that Charmed will be anytime back ! If this would not convince, than I don`t know what would convince! Pay them Girls what they want and you don`t will regret it, about this I be serious! Why to start a new serie, if the old is better ? No matter, which serie you look, not much series have worldwite so much fans how Charmed ! I hope the CW Network will read this anytime and think about this short ! Or make a short break with this show and manage everythink fist with space and than start a new season! I know from an Interview with Alyssa Milano, that she also is very sad about this ending and I think, she will be not the only Aktor !

    Sorry, for the long text and excause my english please!

    With many Greetings

  13. Linda said,

    Please…Please….Please ….Please don’t take of charmed because everyone loves that show . So please don’t take it off.

  14. melika said,

    please do not remove charmed from our lives. i look forward to watching it every sunday and it has some very emotional parts as well as a family feel especially btwn pheobe and piper. paige did save the show and pulled off a new sister with much grace and charm….i look forward to buying all the dvd. i hope to see charmed come back soon….thank you to all the actors for all the entertainment and i wish you all the best..

  15. Jamie P said,

    I will be glad when Charmed come back for a another season.Piper,Phoebe,Paige are all married.Piper been married to Leo for 6 years.Piper Leo had two little boys.Leo has been a white lighter,avator,elder,human twice.Phoebe was been a witch since the first season Phoebe has been married twice.Phoebe first true love was Cole Turner she was married to him then Coop came along into Phoebe life then Phoebe and Coop got married and had kids thrre girls.Piper had two boys .Wyatt Matthew Halliwell and Chrsi Perry Halliwell .Paige had twins girl and a little boy named Little Herney

  16. the biggest fan said,

    Im from Guatemala, the last shown aired this week. Im so, so, so sad its over. I can hardly believe it. I live in a house with 7 other women and we are all fans!! Big Fans!! We´ve watched the show together for the whole 8 years its lasted, since the very first episode. and even though all good things must come to an end, it would be really great to have a spin off. We´re not much fans of Billie and Christy, but we absolutly ADORE Wyatt and Chris. Please think about it, its a sure success.

  17. joyce said,

    i was sooooooo sad wen charmed finished i hav been hoping for the last couple of months that they would bring it bk but no such luck………. yet

  18. kellie said,

    hi plz dont end charmed if u do ….. do a spin off of wyatt and chirs. it is de best show ever liv der biggest fan


  19. Nicholas said,

    What can i say … im still waiting to see if there will be season 9 … but i dont see it coming … there are TONS of ppl who watch it … and sadly … i wished atleast at the last episode Pru would show up ….
    Lets hope there is a chanse on season 9 !!!
    we all love the show !!!

  20. Jessica said,

    Ok, Im confused. Is there a season 9 in the future, or no?

  21. Chloe said,

    No, there is no Charmed season 9. And let’s face it, there’s going to be no spin-off either. Charmed is dead an over.

  22. Moshe said,

    Hi, I started watching this show a few years ago. I enjoyed it so much that I bought the DVD’s of the first five seasons. I plan on buying all of them when they come out. Season 7 may not have been the greatest success, but Season 8 was by far the best ever. Wyatt and Chris are a great duo, who have extroadinary powers. Throughout the show it has been shown how much power Wyatt has. Everyone wants to see it. Not only will a spin-off of Wyatt and Chris attract the crowd that you have now, which is very large, it can attract many men to watch the show because the main characters are men. I have been watching this show, and I’m a boy, but I could gurantee that many other boys would watch the show. Boys around 14-17; I’m 15. Another idea could be a Charmed movie. The spin-off with Wyatt and Chris can be called Charmed: The Next Generation. That could also be a name for a movie. A plot for either the show or the movie could be that a demon that was trapped by the Source in the past deep in the underworld can be freed and could be the new big threat. When Pheobe was pregnant with the Source’s (Cole’s) baby the Seer freed a demon that she trapped for the Source. There are many more ideas. You could use Billie and the Charmed Ones as guest stars. I think it could be a great success. Please make a Season 9. Please think about it. If so many fans have fan sites, and all these different comments are posted everywhere, it means you have many fans. Please think about it. This is the best show ever. Looking foward to Season 9 and all the ones that will come after it. Even if you take a break before making Season 9, all of us will still appreciate more seasons of Charmed.


  23. Lori said,

    Hello, I loves this show. Everybody I know likes Charmed, even though, if they didn’t watch it from the start. There is no bigger fan than me I have seen this show since the start and never missed it, nor the repeats.The actors are so good playing their caracters, they really give it the life that other shows don’t have. Good luck to the actors hope to see them in new proyects. I understand why they don’t want to make a 9 season, they don’t want to ruin it.

  24. P3 said,

    No I love charmed, i wish i didn;t end, i still watch all the repeats

  25. Charmed luver 4 ever said,

    Please don’t stop Charmed!!! I love Charmed! Can’t you get Chris and Wyatt to take their parents places, and Phoebe’s and Paiges kids to take their places? Do anything, just please don’t stop Charmed!!! It’s really awesome and so many people love this show!

    ~Charmed luver 4 ever

  26. Amy said,

    yeah, please, just give Charmed a few more seasons, it’s really cool and tons of people watch it. please, please, please, just a few more seasons, maybe until Chris and Wyatt’s grandkid(s) get killed or something, just please don’t take it off! I watch it everyday, and I love it. PLEASE don’t end it!!!

  27. Tonya said,

    My girls and I always watched Charmed it was on 24- 7 in this house. To end it now would just be very upsetting . M whole family watches Charmed and everyone is waiting and watching for it to come back with lots more seasons. So Please bring it back soon. It would make everyone’s day. My daughters and their cousin play Charmed all the time. And they keep asking me when it is coming back on. They watch the other seasons all the time. You could keep it going on with the kids, they grow up and become white lighters and the Charmed ones. Just keep it going and going. Please let me know what your going to do, because I don’t want to miss any of them, and neither does the kids. I would love my children watch Charmed then most things they have on T.V… PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Thank You

  28. Nina said,

    I love Charmed as much as the next person but I think they made a wise decision by ending the show now. Let’s face it, they must be very tired after 8 years. Season 8 was the best season ever and it’s best that they end while they’re on top because no show stays there forever. Thank you for making the show in a first place and keeping it going this long. You gave us great moments and a lot of great memories to live with. If there’ll be a spin-off with Wyatt and Chris, great. If not, we’ll survive. Thanks guys!

  29. lenny said,

    Yeah….it’s too sad, that the show ended. I mean, i understand, that they might be tired (and bored) after making 8 seasons of Charmed, but i mean….look at stargate sg-1 for example….the are already passed season 10 (and i think that’s because like they say it themselves……they are like a family…..and they have fun making the show….). Of course if the actors want to try something new, then there’s not much we can do about it….after all….they are humans as well.
    But i like the idea making a spinn-off with wyatt and chris. And like someone suggested…..the charmed sisters could appear as guest stars from time to time. Also i kind of liked Cole….he could come back as well. He was cool, because you couldnt really make out where he was standing….he wasnt all good and he wasnt really bad either.

    Anyway… would be nice to know why dont they want to make season 9 or spinn-off? I mean……i think that quite many people should be watching it…so it shouldnt be caused by bad ratings and since were dealing with magic here you could whip up some-kind of storyline wiht random characters……like chris came from the future……same way leo could come frome past (in spinnoff)…etc…
    Anyway…just a thougt!

  30. Sebastian said,

    If there is another season it could include all the stuff in the finale only show it happenig like phoebe having her baby, Piper opening her resteraunt and Paige guiding whitelighters. Maybe even ressurect Prue as a reward!

  31. Marilyn said,

    hey i was wondering if the could do a spinn-off of charmed or have a season 9 because i really miss that show and it was the only thing i watch thesoe 3 girls where good actors together.

  32. AskPhoebe said,

    You could do so many things to add to the ninth season: Phoebe could get married and have her daughters, Piper could get her resturantand her daughter, Paige could have her kids and mabey even get a job. Plus, you could mabey show Prue as a ghost or something, Paige would finally meet her oldest sister. The new season can’t be surrounded around anyone but the charmed ones, the whole show was about them and it would be stupid if you make it about Billie and Christyor anyone else. There just has to be a ninth season that has to do with the charmed ones, everyone will be heartbroken if this is the end. I couldn’t stand not whaching Piper, Phoebe, and Paige. They rule!!!

  33. AskPhoebe said,

    I looked up pictures of charmed on Google and found two pictures with Piper, Phoebe, and Paige on it. The pictures said: 9th season of Charmed, Fall 2006, on the new CW11!!! I hope it’s true!!! It looks true to me!!!

  34. vanessa said,

    there must be more charmed there witches you no although they grew old in the final series of season 8 they time travel you no and there are so many more stories they can tell. And for the fact that the show is dead, i dont no anybody that didnt like the show. All the cast were great. And it was great that they got rid of the christy character which means that billie could be the child minder to all the sisters so BRING BACK CHARMED

  35. Sergey said,

    Hi everybody!!!!!!!! I live in Russia and I love Charmed very much!!!! This is the best show in the world!!!!!!!!! You shouldn’t over it

  36. burçin said,

    Please don’t stop Charmed!!! i love charmed eveybody love charmed I couldn’t stand not whaching Piper, Phoebe, and Paige. and prue come back .(sorry i’m not good my english)

  37. Sara said,

    I love charmed!!! They need to do a season 9 with leo, Piper, paige and Pheobe

  38. Roxy said,

    Plz plz don’t end charmed its my fave show you may think its the same old thing but to the charmed fans its not

  39. Chris said,

    Please contiue doing this show… it is very gooood… PLEEASE

  40. Makesha said,

    I love charmed and I think you all should do season 9 I feel like without charmed I have nothing to talk about. I love watching Alyssa Milano,Holly Marie Combs, and Rose McGowan, and maybe, please bring back Shannen Doherty, well at least in one episode. Charmed is the best show ever and without it I would be crushed.

  41. Carl said,

    Still not seen season 8 yet, but got the DVDs on order.

    Great shame theres not going to be a season 9 though!

  42. Steph said,

    hi please dont end the show it is the best like what Sara siad you have alot of fans if you ended the show everyone will be sad i love it so much me and my best friend even betended we were them and made our own book of shadows please dont end the show please i will be so so so sad but then again yous dont care about what the fans say its your dessision but what you missing is people dont watch it on televison they watch it on the dvds i love the actors and the spells and also the demons yous came up with and the girls hair styles and clothes pretty please dont end the show IT IS THE BEST SHOW EVER

  43. zach said,

    bring this show back it was so good at least two more seasons.

  44. Autumn said,

    I think that Charmed shouldn’t have ended so soon. I was very sad to hear that there not going to make anymore espisodes after the 8th season. I’m a Huge Fan of Charmed. I have 1 through 7 seasons of charmed. I know that it gets tiring to do a show for so long but think about all the Fans in the world. I wish you guys could have made a few more episodes showing how the kids grow up and take over. I can’t get enough of charmed. I watch it every day when I get home from Technical school. I love how the show ended and I wish that it hadn’t ended like it did. There are episodes that even made me cry. Please reconsider and make a few more seasons.

  45. Stephanie said,

    don’t take charmed of PLEASE

    it’s the best show in the world. i will be so upset if u take it off.

  46. Peson said,

    I can’t believe that you canceled my favorite t.v. show. Every night that i would get home from school i would go and watch it!! I would never miss an episode!! PLEASE START IT BACK UP OR DO SOMETHING TO FIX THIS PROBLEM!!! When i watched the last episode i cried and cried, and now i think that i am going to cry again!!! I really miss the show. And i hate the way that you ended it!! It broke me into tears seeing them in old people. They just skiped al of the years!! Please, Please, Please, Get Charmed started back up again!!! It is my favorite!!!! I can’t stop thinking about it!!! PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!

  47. Peson said,

    I am wondering why you did take it off!!!

  48. Peson said,


  49. Peson said,


  50. Sorita - London. U.K said,

    Charmed is still my favorite show on the television… I do have all the dvd’s 1-8 and I must say I don’t think it is enough! You ended something so great to soon… I wish the girls, producers, and the television networks would reconsider and may be do 2 more seasons of charmed or do the spin off (Which I think everyone is waiting to find out about!) Is there going to be a spin off or what? it is driving me crazy!

    Well I do wish eveyone from the cast members to the writers who made the show, (what it is for everyone like me) the very best of luck for the future! And Thank you all for bringing the charmed ones in to my life for the short period of time! Because eight has nothing on Ten. Ten years is a long time!


  51. elmedina said,

    Hi i’m elmedina from macedonia, Evrope. I thik that i will be great if there was an 9 season of charmed. And I to think that it will be great if prue returns like this: The are fighting the biggest evil and the P3 is not enough so the magical world helps them to bring prue to life sot that they may save the world. Prue can come back in the 10 episode and then they form the power of 4 a super power never seen before “The ultimate charmed once”.
    OK !!!1
    Please think about this cus it could be great becuas the all 4 sisters could live forever in the utopia that thay want- life without demons.
    Pleas let it be a 9 season pls pls pls pls.

  52. Daniel said,

    PLZ there has to be a 9 th season, PLZ PLZ PLZ PLZ PLZ PLZ PLZ PLZ
    I love the charmed ones i cry every day beacusese of it, so plz have a 9th season/

  53. Taz said,

    omg..season nine would be soo great…obviously telling by this page and all the other links there are still a bunch of people who love charmed!!! myself included…i agree with sarah..i mean yeah what about phoebe’s baby??? come on and piper and paige…and how come they can call on grams from the dead but not prue???come on people think…there are so many new things you can come up with..please there has to be a season 9!!! PLZ PLZ PLZPLZPLZPLZPLZPLZ

  54. Taz said,

    i dont agree with the U-topia though.. they tried that once and it didnt work out…if they have the utopia there can be no more fighting demons…i guess on the VERY LAST episode they can finally vanquish all evil for good…that would be cool…but i agree with the bringing back prue…

  55. rubi said,

    plz do another season im begging you

  56. sexy simmi said,

    plz plz plz do a season 9 i love it with all my heart its the best show ever now what am i suppose to watch theres no charmed come on plzzzzzzzzzzz do a season 9 i really do love charmed i know heapz of people who loves charmed too and they really want a season 9 charmed and i own every season of charmed and i watch it all the time so plz make a season 9

  57. chloe said,

    i would love for their to be a season nine and it’s amazing how many people have written from a year later but i know that so many people like the show so there really should be a spin-off cmon people there is not even a mention of charmed in magazines or even the characters we need more advertisement and i know i would love to have a new season it’s the best supernatural show ive ever ever seen as i can see no one is gonna give up on writing petitionns about a ninth season there are so many websites of a ninth season of charmed even 1 website had 5456 signitures for a season 9 that is alot of people.

  58. Markus said,

    The greatest series ever. Please bring it back!

    /best wishes from sweden 🙂

  59. jazzminn said,

    charmed was the greatest series ever. i wish it never ended. but i kno wpeople have to move on but i agree with every1 it could of kept on goin.

  60. stefani said,

    hi i love charmed and would love it if piper would finally get to live with leo and phobe would have her baby and paige would finally find a man and settle in with him and since they chanded their identities they wouldnt have to worry about having to fight demons so you can find chris(drew fuller) and wyatt (jason simmons) and get them to continue the program fightinh off demons

    LOVE THE SHOW !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  61. stefani said,


  62. Kelise said,

    Okay. Maybe a spin off would be okay, but I dont see it being revolved around Chris and Wyatt. If I’m not mistaken, the charmed ones are 3 girls and 3 sisters. Wouldn’t that make Phoebe’s girls the next Charmed sisters? Why make a spin off that is going to be incorrect. Sure, Wyatt and Chris can be a part of the show but I wouldn’t focus solely on them. Charmed witches are the most powerful, and contratry to Piper and Leo’s kids wouldn’t quite fit that mold. Yes, they would be powerful but to do a show about Chris and Wyatt would be crazy considering they aren’t even Charmed.

  63. Naomi said,

    They could do a spin off where the sisters (old ones ) have to go back in time for some reason where they are young again and the story could go on from that.

  64. Domba said,

    Nooo… I would really love to see what happens with Wyatt and Chriss… I really love the Charmed… In my country, they just started 6th season (weee)…, but I would really want more Seasons. Allisa, Rose and Holly could be just guests. Pleeeaaaaseeeee

  65. Tamara said,

    I really like the show. It was fun to watch and I couldn’t wait to see what the next demon was going to be. The show had a great ending, if they brought it back it would ruin the series finally that they made. Honestly, the season would have to focus on the kids that they had, not on Piper, Phoebe, and Paige. They women they used for Piper as the Grandma and Leo in the Grandfather look could work. But not in there young looks, it will ruin everything if they did. I wish they never did end the series that way, but show business is just that show business. Instead of saying how could they end it, give them the congrats they deserve and hope they find more business in other movies.

  66. Shawn wright said,

    I would love to see a sereis called Charmed the Next Genertion but they would plot it because for one it is a family that sticks together and if you try a kill the girls. I don’t think
    the fans would like it. Buit i could see Paige Pipers and Pheabe’s Chrildren together throughout the show working to stay a family, Some of them wouldn’t get alone the others, the twins are always the tirable maker. I would have to say i would watch the show even if i would not like the fact that the girls would not be there.

  67. sammy said,

    i just want to ask when is the ninth season of chaemed coming out
    i want to know badly..!

  68. DEON said,

    Hi, I’m a HUGE fan of Charmed from Indonesia,,
    Well, I think spinning off the series into other characters like Billie & Christy or Wyatt & Chris is not the answer for the series to continue. Believe me, the show will not gain success as the former one did. It will even go dropped!! The reason I said that is that the viewers want to see all Piper, Phoebe, and Paige (not to mention Prue) to star the show,, not any other guest-stars who have appeared on the show before..
    Well I suggest that It’s OK for the show to END at its 8th season, because if it keeps continouing until its 9th or 11th.. season,, it will be EXTREMELY BORING… TRUST ME… And as a fan of Charmed,, I don’t want the series ends boringly,,
    Ending the series in its 8th season is the right thing to do because the reaction of the fans is really GOOD. By “Good”, I mean the fans want the series back and keep continue. The fans MISS the show so much. They (We) feel that the show should continue. Actually, that’s a good sign, because it means that the ending of the show left good mark and good memory for the viewers.
    Who knows, if the show continues until, let’s say, season 12,, when it ends, the reaction of the fans may not be like that of now. They may just say “Thank GOD the SHOW ENDS…” or something like that as the show reaches its season finale.

  69. Stephen lamar said,

    Dam it it makes me mad to think that these people who make the show wont even listen to us were the fans we want charmed 9th season and we should be able to get to see it made. To who ever is stopping it from being made we are the fans Were the ones that love the show watch this show and have made it into our daily lives you cant just take that away from us we’ve grown to the show. I mean we got to watch as they were brought together in the beginning, we watched as they faced many hard obsticles and made it through it as a team,we watched as a sister was lost and a new one was found, we watched as whyat grew up and grew into his powers and at the end we watched a wonderful battle that was won WE DESERVE ANOTHER YEAR WE ARE THE ONES WATCHING THE SHOW NOT YOU WE AS FANS PAY TO HAVE IT PUT ON TV AND ALL U HAVE TO DO IS TELL PEOPLE HOW MUCH IT WILL COST AND I BET YOU ALL AROUND THE WORLD PEOPLE WILL DONATE THE MONEY TO SEE A 9TH SEASON MADE AND EVEN A 10Th sure the old cast was wonderful but if they wont do it find somer that will. To all fans if you want to see the 9th season made lets keep bothingt them because sooner or later their going to get tried and give in if we dont stop I have seen every episode and trrust me I know how important this show is to us all LETS KEEP THIS SHOW GOING.

  70. Sarah said,

    Please cont the seasons! you can cont with chris and wyatt they can cont. its amazing i have always loved this series and i dnt want it to end! you must have at least a few ideas left and you can cont from there. honestly, its true that Alyssa,Holly,and Rose have kept the audience entertained and so has teh whole cast so dnt let it all go to waste cont frm something. Please!! they dnt have to do it.. its true they should cont with their careers and their own life, since they have been in this show business for a long time and they do deserve it.. bt cont with chris and wyatt.. and perhaps phoebe and paige’s kids.. something .. but please dont let this show series end! PLEASE!!

  71. Someone said,

    HAHA love that… “never in my life have i seen a character hated by so many in the world” lol ur right. The whole Billie and Christy thiing really **** ************ * ** * ***. Sorry i really hate them they reuined the show.

  72. bella said,

    ug if they do a spinoff of billie and cristie i will totally refuse to watch it! i was so mad when they joined the show. i want prue to come back she was my fave and she was only on for like 3 seasons! at least let pheobe get her baby geez wat is wrong with the world??

  73. Piperfan said,

    Hi! I live in Russia. Please don’t stop my favourite Charmed! If Alyssa, Holly& Rose don’t want to continue the Charmed, you can do the Charmed about Chris & Wyaat!!!!!! It will be a great show,i am sure. You know how many people all over the world watch this show, in Russia too!!! I don’t know what else to say. I so hope that the Charmed will be continue, pleaseeeee!!!!!!!!!!!

  74. is there going to be another show because watching the same thing is very depressing because when it comes to and end i wounder did she have her baby.did piper die, so whats going on.

  75. so please write back to me

  76. nina said,

    i miss charmed.
    is there any chance for a comeback of the power of three???
    for exemple “the next generation” with chris and wyatt or something like that.
    i am sure that will be great.
    so, Chris and Wyatt have a large fan base and everyone wants to know what the adult halliwell guys are doing.

    charmed was a perfect mixture from life and mystic or magic and family….i am loving it.
    see just repeats of charmed is very depressing.

    so, please bring them back!!!!!!!!

  77. Renay said,

    I’m a huge fan of Charmed. I can only hope that the actors finally agree to do a Season 9 and 10. It could open up new doors for all. They still have room to answer some unanswered questions. They also can use season 9 to create a spin off with the Wyatt & Chris’s offspring. In the finale show of season 8, Piper was a great grand mother. Those kids could be the generation of “Charmed Ones” who finally vanquish evil forever. Thus creating this Utopia that they fought so hard for. Or they could go to another level and constantly have to battle evil from other realms because it no longer exist in their own realm. So beings from other realms come to them and ask for help to keep the universe in balance.

  78. marilyn said,

    well i really hope that something works out because i loved that show im happy tnt plays the old ones…lol

  79. Jamie said,

    plz make a 9 season of charmed coz i know aways of gettin holly, alyssia and rose back and the way to fo it is by bring prue back from the dead and their mother. also bring back a few demons that were reli hard to vanquise like the source, zanku, kirsty, the traid. make sure tht if u do this that the kids are older enough to use magic and wyatt is older enough to use excaliber aswell. i have limited ideas so use this one while you can coz instead of making a soason 9 i would make a movie of charmed because sooo many people would go and see it because charmed is simple the best wiccan programme that i have seen and i like all the wiccan stuff as it is and that the movie would bring in sooo many people who like charmed it would eb unblieverble so plz plz think bout the movie. 🙂

  80. JD said,


    • Candace said,

      i agree!!!!!!

  81. koalita said,

    I think this is really stupid, the way this idiot says he has to murder everything Constance Burge worked for just to get airing time is disgusting.
    Lets face it, since Brad Kern came in the production of the show he went backstabing Burge one time after another, changing plots, firing actors, messing up solid plots and fucking up timelines.
    And in the end, he stole the entire project from her.
    That’s what parasites like Kern do, steal others successful products and fuck them up with their dumb ideas.
    He never liked the direction of the show’s first three seasons, it must have been too dramatic and dark for that prude, so he had to turn it into a rip-off of Harry Potter and the Worst Witch blended with Smallville and steal lots of magical creatures and plots from mythology and literature because he can’t think of anything original, he has no vission, he’s just a parasite, a disgusting rat!
    I mean, he choose to take out Prue, the series main protagonist, the heart of the show, the best character but kept the, frankly, useless Phoebe.
    Any person with a bit of vission would have kept the top gem of the show instead of a fully replaceable background stone.
    Seriously, Paige would have worked perfectly in Phoebe’s space, with her Whitelighter powers and clarividence the Charmed ones would have been unstoppable.
    Oh but what he did for the last season?
    Put in some stupid blonde to take over the entire storyline with an idiotic argument of saving her unknown kidnapped sister, now, that’s clever!
    Tell me, what the hell did that bitch Billie had to do in Charmed?
    Nothing, NOTHING!
    And the last battle, the last episode ever!
    And what he does?
    Makes Piper go arround like an idiot from here to there, klling Constance’s number one precept “Never mess with the past” and carrying arround a, honestly, messed up Patty and the Grams, then appear, fight for like ten seconds with the blondes and then go to a supposed Triad (Not even the Triad Prue destroyed!) and kill a warlock and the sister of the stupid bitch in ten seconds.
    Oh and then, here comes the most painful part, listen to the fakest crying ever, courtesy of the hipocrite.
    It’s just not fair for true fans, for those like me who have followed the series since the 90’s, to have this man come up with this lame excuse for a SERIES FINALE!
    And what are his justifications?
    Win air time for a 9th season without any of the original leads?
    Not enough cash to get Shannen, Dorian, Ted or Julian?
    Not wanting to focus on a long lost sister to the point of making it appear as if she had never existed?
    Seems like this man’s excuses just went from stupid but rasonable to simply idiotic.
    You want to know what they should have done?
    They shouldn’t have let him go on with this season, it’s like spitting in everything the first 4 seasons accomplished!
    No cash for a good season?
    What about not making a spin-off filler, but a two or three hours series finale starting right were the 7th season left, with a lot of guest stars, smart writing and the best visual effects ever?
    As I said it before, Brad Kern is just a parasite who didn’t want to let the show have a good ending nor die for once and for all, but to keep exploiting the project he stole from Burge, because he knows he can’t do anything good on his own.

  82. Hello,thanks you for this useful blogg, i really find many new things on it and i really loved the design of the blogg. I found it on yahoo. I also want to wish you a happy new year.

  83. Lacey said,

    There are a lot of fans waiting for another episode..
    We love Charmed.
    Don’t take that away!


  85. WE LOOK ON COMPUTERS n find preview of charmed so just show it heck everyone wants to see it and yall make it hard so you call up holy marie combs AND TELL her make more charmed episodes

  86. Andrea said,

    Please bring charmed back! We want see a better end of charmed with all sisters! We want see Paige meets Prue finally!!! We pray you Shanne Holly Alyssa and Rose come back, give us a miracle!!!!!!!!

  87. HollyFan said,

    I cant belive you stoped the Charmed episodes i mean cant you tell that every one loves them!!!! You get soooo many comments and you always let us down!!! Why wont you do ao 9th season of charmed!! I know sooo many people i just started watching them last year and already i have got so many of my friends addicted!! We are all heart broken and i would totally love it if you gave me a 9th season!!! Plz tell Holly Rose Shannon and alyssa we miss them sooo much!!! I would really love to see another charmed season!!! I want to see phoebe and coops baby they a

  88. sean said,

    charmed doesn’t get enough credit. I think 4 or 5 years on, 2010/2011.. everyone has realized how much they loved watching charmed now that its ended. If they now made a 9th season, it would be exactly like season 1, get a lot of good ratings and view because people have been been waiting to see it.The WB or whatever it is now, needs to wake up ad realize what their audience wants and what we want is CHARMED!!!

  89. Claire robins said,

    Charmed is my favourite TV program I have it on my laptop and I watch it over and over can’t believe there’s no more I want it back this is torture!!! Lol x

  90. DeeDee said,

    I believe that Charmed should come back for a 9th season because the new generation needs to show that they are capable of dealing with it all. Holly, Rose and Alyssa do not have to be involved in the 9th season(only some episodes). Although it could take much time for the show to gain popularity, I believe with much CHARMED fans there are, it most likely would not take too long of a time.
    If that idea does not work. . .Wyatt and Chris could also have there own personal show about what they go through and how they fight demons and deal with everything that was handed down to them as their destiny. Personally J think that this would be a great idea because there are so many fans out there dying to know what happens to Wyatt and Chris and Phoebe’s kids and Paige’s kids, cause I definitely want to know where they end up.
    All in


  91. I honestly love charmed its a great movie i just wish some how there could be another season ppplllleeeeaaasssssseeee!!!!!!!!!!!! i really want to knw wat happens with the charmed one’s kids life i want to see wat happens next it dosent make sense to end it like dat dont you think people are gonna wonder wat happens next i hate wen this type of thing happens when i love a movie so much i cant stop watching it and then wen it ends without a resume of the life of the kids and how they end up or grow up , then they decide they wont make another season its like torture becuase i am in love with the imagination and creativiity of it and the characters tare great i just ask if you can reconcider at least doing a 9th season becuase sincerely with all my respect i think this movie is something great fantastic i have only seen 4 or 5 movies these great and you know how they end the same way withquestions on wat happens next or are they fi nishing the movie and its kinda unfair becuase this keeps happening if you start something finish it if not then dont started at all you wanna know why cause it irritating and annoying and torturing to know that a movie a great movie with very and really talented characters and creative directors that you just give up instead of thinking just what damage could it do for once at least finish with a entire summary of the fammily kids and only then say ok now we can end it or continue but really i want to know wat happens with chris and wyatt and phoebe’s children and paige’s too…………….Just have in reconcidiretion this idea of a new season
    i love all the episodes and seasons of Charmed
    im 13 years old an that movie is great and inspiring if you dont
    believe read the comments above they say they love
    Charmed as well and want a 9th season were the sisters raise their children together and paige finally meets prue as a spirit like grams and i want the stars of the movie charmed to please answer im a fan of yours your great actors rose,alyssa,and holy you really inspiring and honest always there and never give up no matter how impossible or hard it is and leo is always there to help i admire him too….I really do wish that you could return and make a better ending for Charmed it is great until the ending cause it kinda makes more sense at least show how wyatt and chris and phoebes children and maybe paiges learn to master the craft as they grow up soo i just hope you reconcider the possibility of a new season bye

  92. Luis Valdez said,

    Brad Kern… figure out a way…someway, somehow to get this show back up for season 9 and 10, even up until Season 15!!! (NOBODY HAS EVER DONE THIS Mr. Kern) I just know for a fact that it will make the show have way more ratings than it has had in the past. Maybe feature it about the Halliwell brothers along with Billie and Christie… (Kaley Cuoco and Marnette) I think would be absolutely thrilled to come back and make a spin off…. way too much was forwarded on Season 8’s finale… If anything, this show can even run up to Season 15…I mean just think about it..I know that by even simply discussing to bring this show back with a “spin off” would be the most discussed topic for tv media, and make super great revenue for WB or the CW or whomever owns it… You dont understand just how many folks I’ve spoken to over the years that are expecting a spin off from Charmed.. If anything, this would be your greatest move yet… PLEASE comprehend, PLEASE make this happen.. and if you are really considering this, please be sure to look me up as I would love to play a main character on this spin off.. I can guarantee I surely won’t disappoint.

  93. Keegan said,

    I think they should do another charmed with the kids grown up its been off the air for ever now bring it back I’ve been watching charmed since its been on and I’m 13 I’ve watched every rerun like 13 times bring it back on the air

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  95. Stephanie S said,

    I find it interesting that the CW/WB don’t think that a next generation spin off would be successful. As a media studies student, I understand that Charmed had reached a point where there wasn’t anything left for the series to expand into, but as a fan who has seen hundreds of fan produced next generation fan vids and fan fiction, and who remembers the excitement every time we got to delve into the world of the grown up kids who got pulled into the past, I think the WB would have had a better chance of getting a spin off of the grown up children than by trying to create a new series based on Billie and Christy. The difference between the two generations, one that grew up ignorant of their magic and one who went to magic school, would be enough to provide a completely different atmosphere and a plethora of options not available to Charmed. Plus, with the exception of Phoebe’s daughters, any set of children you followed would have sons as well. This would provide an opportunity to get back to the original theme of sibling relationship, while giving a different avenue for the relationship theme that started to evolve in the fourth season. Let’s face it, guys pursuing relationships look completely different from girls. Even if the WB/CW still didn’t want to do a next generation spin off, there were several really interesting options already set up in the show, that could have been explored without completely changing what the show was. For instance, Magic School had already created several exciting story arcs from the Headless Horseman to getting sucked into a crime novel. The possibilities for countless adventures and unique situations is inherent in a magic school, and since the ages of student ranged from toddlers in the nursery to post grad acting as teachers, any number of story arcs could have been created in any number of audience age ranges. Beyond the next generation and Magic School, every season dabbled in at least one character turning evil for at least one episode. We encountered how many demons and different magical creatures? I don’t even know. There were a lot though. So why not explore the other side some? Why not explore what Chris was doing and the temptations he faced while under cover with the Scabbers in season six? Or see what it was like to be Brendan Rowe, a warlock who would give anything to be good? The fans of Charmed are still waiting for a spin off, and though I don’t think a Billie/Christy spin off would be the right choice, I think there are several options that could.

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